About Us

Bonnie Castle Resort and Marina is located on a picturesque 17-acre parcel in the heart of the Thousand Islands. Our facility has a long and rich history that stretches back more than a century, beginning with the building of a grand estate in 1877 by Dr. J. B. Holland, a poet, author and one of the founders and an editor of Scribner’s Monthly. He named the beautiful property after his 1874 novel Arthur Bonniecastle.

In 1906 the Holland family sold the property to Gilbert T. Rafferty, a coke and coal millionaire from Pittsburgh. It remained in the Rafferty family until 1941 when it was willed to St. Cyril’s Catholic Church on Walton St. in Alexandria Bay. The church transferred ownership to the White Fathers of Africa who used the property as a seminary for training young men for Catholic Missionary service in Africa. In 1965 the company was purchased by a Canadian company, and in 1974 it changed hands once again as buyers from Ontario and Quebec acquired Bonnie Castle. It was during their ownership that the marina was developed.

In 1978 Don Cole, a well-known central New York entrepreneur best known for founding the Cole Muffler chain of stores, purchased the property. While continuing to operate the marina, Cole converted the manor into a resort which included a restaurant, lounge, riverside bar, and nightclub.

The current owners of Bonnie Castle Resort and Marina, Craig and Cathy Garlock and Bob and Cindy Lozo bought the property from Don Cole in May of 2012. The families have long-standing ties to Northern NY and the community and are proud to run a family-owned business with a such a storied past, one that has played a prominent role in the rich history of Alexandria Bay.